Friday, 18 May 2018

Lady assaulted by man who pulled her wig off in the middle of a busy street | Photos

American-British singer, Sinitta Malone, known professionally as Sinitta, who found commercial success in the mid-1980s with the single, “So Macho” and had several other hits during the decade, was left embarrased on Thursday after a man appeared to rip a wig off her head in London as she arrived at The London Cabaret Club in Bloomsbury.

According to Dailymail UK, the 54-year-old singer was greeting pals out on the street when a man walked up and removed the red hairpiece from her head as she bent down to pick the purse she had dropped.

The singer who is the former girlfriend of Simon Cowell, was left startled and speechless as a pal picked up her wig from the ground.

Sinitta had been seen emerging from a white vehicle in Bloomsbury and seemed to be in good spirits as she kissed and hugged her friend which caused her to drop her purse, and as she bent down to pick it up, the unknown individual in a light tan jacket approached her.

He then quickly took Sinitta’s wig from her head and dropped it to the ground as he rapidly left the scene, and while no one appeared to chase after the man, they all proved to be incredulous.

The singer in particular, who was left without her red wig, was seen standing still as she processed the shocking sequence of events.

Sinitta made a quick recovery as she posed away outside The London Cabaret Club in The Bloomsbury Ballroom. With her red wig firmly in place, the TV star flashed a huge smile as she defiantly continued to party the night away.

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