Saturday, 12 May 2018

Comedian Oyemyke Blasts Noble Igwe for snitching on suspected fraudsters | WATCH

Popular Instagram sensation Oyemyke has reacted to Noble Igwe’s tweet where he revealed the hideouts for internet fraudsters as he commended EFCC on the arrest of 12 ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys at Club 57 in Lagos last night.

The comedian who was furious at Noble’s decision called him a snitch regardless of his motives, standing on the grounds of brotherhood perhaps, the comedian did not like Noble revealing the hide out of internet fraudsters to EFCC and to the public at large.

He took to his IG to make a video showing his anger and dropped a comment which read;

“Noble Igwe Is A Stupid Snitch & I Don’t Care.
I’m Not Here To Justify The Acts Of The People In That Are Being Hunted But
A Snitch Regardless Of Their Motive Remains A Snitch!

Watch video below;

In another news, After the arrest of 12 ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys at Club 57 in Lagos last night by EFCC, Noble Igwe has taken to twitter to disclose their major hide outs to the public.

The 360nobs blogger gave a precise description of where they carry out their business and where they use as their hide out from EFCC.

He stated that robbers on instagram are regarded as G-boys and in reality, theirs is a different way of stealing.

He mentioned their major hide outs as;

“Musical Record Labels,
Estate/Property Business,
and car selling business”

Read his post below;

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