Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tanzanian woman stabbed to death by husband in London | Photos

38-year-old Kema Salum of Kirkstall Avenue, has been arrested and remanded in custody to appear at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 2 April, following his arrest for murdering his Tanzanian wife in Haringey, UK on Saturday 31 March.

Though no one else is being sought for by the Homicide and Major Crime Command in connection to the murder, however a post-mortem examination which was carried out at Haringey Public Mortuary revealed the deceased’s cause of death as incised stab wounds to the neck and chest.

The Tanzanian woman, Leyla, an alumnus of Arusha Primary School, had gone out for a night out with a couple of friends only to return home in the morning to encounter a furious husband, who possibly did not take it kindly that his wife should party all night long, leaving him lonely at home.

Leyla was escorted by a friend who, however, chose to leave when arguments at the house soared to threatening crescendo. It is believed that bitter verbal exchange turned into hot-blooded violent fighting as soon as the female friend left the couple’s apartment.

Out of anger, he picked up a knife and repeatedly stabbed Leyla on the neck and chest. Their son had stood outside in the cold screaming for someone to help.

Police and medics who were called, were unsuccessful in reviving Leyla as she died on the scene.

Leyla’s mother, Ms Hidaya Mohammed a resident of Kaloleni in Arusha said she was shocked by the information on the death of her daughter.

“We talked a day before, and I was joking that a certain journalist wants to interview me on Pepe Kale’s issues, she hanged up the phone saying she was rushing for a tax, and that was my last time to talk to her.

I am requesting the authority to help to bring the body of my daughter back home” she said.

A GoFundMe page has been created, to help raise money to send back the body of the deceased back to Arusha, Tanzania by her mother’s wishes.

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