Thursday, 19 April 2018

Laura Birbeck: British air hostess who resigned from her job to become a porn star

A British air hostess who worked for British Airways has quit her job to become a webcam porn star. Accoridng to the lady identified as Laura Birbeck, flying is just too tiring for her to endure.

For security reasons however, she performs under the name Laura Laine for Studio 66 TV, a Babestation-style live strip show in which viewers can call in and speak to the girls.

Ms Birbeck, 27, was part of British Airway’s mixed fleet for around a year. She was with the airline for two years and graduated as full member of air crew last June.

She was based at Heathrow Airport working on both long and short-haul flights.

However she found the constant travelling too tiring and in February made her debut on Studio 66 TV, whose studios are in Chiswick, west London.

Gone are the conservative BA uniforms and instead she now cavorts around in slinky lingerie and other skimpy outfits.

A former colleague of Laura’s at BA told said about here:

‘I’m not surprised that she’s gone into this line of work because it’s what she’s always been interested in doing. We were working together last year and she told me that she took a web camera and laptop with her on every flight.

When she got to her hotel room after work she’d connect the camera up to the laptop and start to perform. She’d do it whenever she had some free time wherever she was in the world.

But good luck to her, being an air stewardess isn’t for everyone and it can be quite exhausting work.

If she has found something that she likes doing and she can make it work for her than fair play I say.’

Ms Birbeck is originally from Worcester but now lives in west London.

She also strips for another website called My where girls, mainly amateurs filming themselves at home, can earn money for their performances via tips or ‘virtual tokens’

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