Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Ali Baba reacts After Duchess of Cambridge walked out of hospital immediately after giving birth

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, welcomed her baby number 3 and looked flawless as she stepped out in a spectacular red dress with a white Mary Jane collar which she paired with nude heels. Ace Comedian, Ali Baba who took note of the Duchess always leaving the hospital immediately after her child’s birth, also reacted.

Ali Baba who reacted to the baby number 3 arrival, said the Duchess’ tradition of leaving the hospital immediately after childbirth, makes him think that Nigerian hospitals deliberately keep women back after childbirth for increased medical bill.

Here’s what he wrote;

The way this lady gives birth and is walking out few hours after, like she went to take passport photographs… is making me think Nigerian hospitals deliberately keep some Nigerian women after they give birth just to increase the hospital bills. I’m not talking of Caesarean birth ooo. Normal childbirth…

Apparently Kate stayed at the hospital for 10 hours after Princess Charlotte’s birth and overnight with Prince George — but she also has more reasons to get a move on than the non-royal mom.

With exuberant crowds of photographers and fans camped outside of her window, the tired mom can probably catch up on sleep more easily at home. She also probably wanted to curtail the noisy hubbub for the benefit of other mothers at the hospital, Harper’s Bazaar notes.

More importantly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have the benefit of a 20-plus person medical team. Consultant obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston and consultant gynaecologist Alan Farthing oversaw the birth, the Telegraph reports, but additional pediatricians, midwives anesthetists, lab technicians, and other medical experts remain on standby in case any problem should arise. The couple doesn’t need to remain in the maternity ward for top-notch care.

In fact, many media sources like Vogue speculated earlier in the pregnancy that Kate would give birth at home so she could avoid the media spectacle.

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