Sunday, 11 March 2018

Ugandan singer Barbi Jay caught having s*x in a car, After welcoming baby with wife | Photos

Ugandan rising singer Barbi Jay, whose wife gave birth on March 2nd, was nabbed by a night shift Police Patrol unit, while allegedly having sex in a car last night with another woman in a Mark II vehicle in Mengo.

The couple nabbed in the car to the surprise of onlookers, was the local Ugandan singer Barbi Jay and an unidentified woman. MBC reported that the two first resisted arrest, and refused to leave the car saying there was no case against them and there is nothing wrong they had done.

Barbi Jay who parked by the roadside, reportedly told the police that he was waiting for a friend who he was going to perform with somewhere. However, since it was hot in the car he decided to pull off his shirt as they waited for their friend.

The Police however, refuted these claims because at the time they arrived the woman as well was half naked, and only tried to dress up after the two were caught red-handed.

The two were arrested and whisked away by police from the growing crowd of onlookers, and they were taken to the Rubaga police station for further questioning.

Barbie Jay and the woman were later charged with having sex in public and a police file number SD/REF:08/10/03/2018 was opened, before they were locked up in the police cells following their arrest which has long sparked controversy in Uganda.

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