Monday, 12 March 2018

Quilox boss, Shina Peller Gives Fuel To FRSC as he Helps Accident Victims along Lagos-Ibadan expressway | Photos

Shina Peller stopped by to rescue accident victims along Lagos-Ibadan expressway as officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps came without fuel in their ambulance vehicle.

Around 9 pm yesterday on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway was a ghastly motor accident between two commuter buses with one of the buses catching fire almost immediately leaving many seriously injured.

Some passerby and other travellers came to the scene of the accident to help rescue the victim from the crashed vehicles laying them on the side of the road waiting for further help to get them to the hospital.

The officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps were called while some road users also stopped to offer help before which the FRSC came from Shagamu, a city located in Ogun State, near the Ibu River in south-western Nigeria.

When the officials arrived and expected to help convey the victims to the nearest hospital, they made a shocking statement saying they don’t have fuel in their ambulance to move any of the victims.

Shina Peller was also on the higway when he stormed the area of the accident, according to reports given by those whowitnessed the accident, he gave up one of his vehicles to drive the injured victims to the nearest hospital.

A Twitter user with the handle Mr Sublime @drteepie posted on his account saying: “This evening on my way to Lagos, on #LagosIbadan expressway, I witnessed, unfortunately, an accident involving two commuter buses. One from Akure (the most hit). It’s really terrible sight. I had to get off as part of first responders to assist”

According to the handle who appreciated Club Quilox boss saying:

“Big thanks to many Nigerians who stopped by to help. I’m mostly impressed and grateful for the senior boss, @ShinaPeller who also was stopped to help. In fact, he got almost everyone in one of his cars to the hospital. He helped massively.”

It was also reported that he syphoned fuel with his mouth from a commercial bus just for the Federal Road Safety Corps to have fuel to run their ambulance.

He tweeted: “This was him siphoning petrol out of a commercial bus so @FRSCNigeria can get petrol to take the most injured while some of us were giving first aid. Thank you bro @ShinaPeller. You helped save many lives man. God bless.”

The account labelled Federal Road Safety Corps saying their act is “total incompetence & unprofessional”.

Shina Peller is a popular socialite and Chairman of Aquilla Group owner of Club Quilox which is a luxurious style nightclub in Victoria Island, Lagos opened in 2013.

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