Thursday, 22 March 2018

Pantless SA dancer, Zodwa Wabantu slams haters says she's ugly and richer

Popular South African dancer and singer, Zodwa Wabantu who is considered ugly by so many people has come out to shrug the shame off by claiming she is successful despite being called ‘ugly’.

According to her she is being made fun of by people who believe she has masculine features.

The dancer, who is popularly known for performing without underwear, once said she can’t change her face so people should learn to live with it.

The entertainer once again took to social media to ask people to stop saying she’s ugly.

“I can’t change my face, so what do I do? What must I do? Must I sell this face? To whom? All of you don’t want it mos? It’s my face. Live with it.”

Zodwa Wabantu recently mentioned in an interview that she can’t just continue to explain to people that there is nothing she can do about her facial feature:

“People keep on throwing the term ugly in my face. Like I get it already, how many times must I explain that I can’t sell or change my face? What do they want me to do about the way they feel about me? Now, I’m just going to block the hate. It’s my face and I get money regardless.”

She however stated that it will be okay if they can stop calling her ugly just for the sake of her child. As a mother she was worried that her younger fans or her son’s peers will think it is okay to go around labelling people ugly.

“It’s not that I am hurt, by now I am used to it. Even before fame I was told I am ugly but that doesn’t make it okay,” she said.

“I’m strong enough to deal with it, but I know there are many young girls and boys that have to hear the same thing every day about themselves. People want these kids to end up believing that they’re ugly but that’s not okay. So that’s why I am bringing it up on my social media, so that people know it’s not cool to keep calling people ugly.”

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