Thursday, 1 February 2018

Tinsel Actress April Muse revealed she had her first lesbian experience at 6 inside the church’

Nigerian Actress Joju Muse, fondly called April, has revealed she had her first lesbian experience inside the church, when she was just 6-years-old.

According to her, Jesus didn’t protect her from the lesbian that molested her in the Church.

She wrote;

“I had my first lesbian experience(molestation) inside the church. At the Sunday school.”
A follower replied saying;

A follower replied saying;

“atimes u need to be more sensible in ur writup. the church building will not prevent you from sin madam woke, hold urself accountable and not Christianity.”

She replied;

“I was only 6 years old.
Jesus dint protect me, the church couldn’t protect me. My Sunday sch teacher didn’t even care. And I had to grow up nd keep quiet, until I had the courage to heal..
Go back to ur thinking faculty bro! Nd av a gadem rethink. So many kids are going thru, have gone thru nd will still go thru the same thing cause of insentive religiously biased morons like u. 😉
You look gay by the way. 😒”

Another follower commented;

“Now the question is, what is your God doing if he can’t even protect little girl from molestation..”

She replied;

“Kuku If someone had stuck his penis in your mouth at a young age, will you say the church is a place where bla bla bla???
If the church and Jesus couldnt protect me right under d nose of Jesus, then there’s no point worshiping a sleeping and powerless god. Even my Sunday sch teacher said … “Shut up nd go and sit down**
And for every time I went to that Sunday sch after the first incident I reported, I was faced with abuse right there in the Sunday sch.
Yes the church is a building and all types of characters will def come around with motives, but do you know there are people going thru dis currently? And can’t even speak up? Probably won’t speak up?
My motive is to expose all the ills in the church system that I have experienced. And I’ll also be glad to show off the fake ass of jesus Christ, who watched me several times get abused in his house, under his middle eastern nose.”

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