Thursday, 1 February 2018

Nollywood Actress, Tonia Nwosu speaks on Sex dolls, says ladies also use vibrator

Popular Nollywood actress, Tonia Nwosu wades her opinion on the current sex dolls issue which have been on top trend lately. 

On the trending issue of sex dolls, the pretty actress had this to add: "I don't have problems with sex dolls as long they are not raping people. It's a personal sex life. When ladies buy vibrator do men  go complaining. If it's going to stop the rate of rape in the world, then, I'm good with it"

She also envisaged that she doesn't fall into the category of her colleagues who had in one way or the other experienced sexual harassment in the industry.

The Anambra State born, Malaysian wife star actress, gave her reasons.

"Producers can't ask for sex or give me some conditions just to be in their movies. No! Never! I didn't experience such while I was starting till now, I have still not experienced it. Because I'm not desperate and i'm good with my crafts", she assures Inside Nollywood

Also hinting on her plans for the New Year, Nwosu said she is at the verge of attaining a greater height.

"I want to take my career to another level. In fact, I'm planing to shoot more movies of my own. I will start soon. Once I finish one third of the jobs I have now, I kick off my own productions.''

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