Monday, 5 February 2018

"In 2019, it’s Buhari or we set the zoo ablaze" -Fulani PhD holder says

Following the economic situation of country and the  enormous calls for President Buhari to give up his second term ambition and give way for younger leaders by different groups and statesmen, a Fulani PhD holder and Twitter user @ibraheem_pkm, took to the platform to share what will happen in 2019 if President Buhari is not in the Presidential race.

According to Fulani PhD holder whose Twitter bio revealed as a Fulani engineer, the zoo will be burned down if there’s no Buhari.

His tweet read;

All these media sponsored vain tirades by Ex so and so targeted at dissuading @MBuhari re-election bid is bound to fail. No amount of defamation could strip our darling PMB of his integrity for which he’s renowned for. In 2019, it’s Buhari or we set the zoo ablaze!!!

If there’s fisticuffs in Yola arising from superimposition of Infidel leader on Student Union, i won’t budge if it escalate to full-fledged bloodbath. That way a bold line of dichotomy would have been drawn for all these overzealous opportunists to see.

Huh…!!! What an awesome moment of bliss. Ya Allah, You’re my battle axe & my weapon of mass destruction. Though the heathens rage, my AK 47 riffle will ensure all their kids don’t grow.

Given the seemingly divergent views we hold on issues as delicate as religion, I strongly maintain my stance. Irrespective of contradicting opinions largely from uninformed minds, I stick to my convictions 100%

We MUST avenge the gruesome murder of seven innocent Fulani sojourners in Benue by Indigent Infidels resident in Benue. An impending bloodbath is more or less inevitable.

Would there be harmony in Rivers should a Muslim unseat a Christian under any guise? Our liberality and tolerance for religion should not be mistaken for docility.

… 2/2 Because Nigeria is a Zoo and Christian minority Nigerians are the proverbial “sacrificial lamb” I wholeheartedly want to apologize to the Muslim Ummah & by extension the infidel lots for my high-handedness on issues of triviality.

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