Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Angry Man assaults woman in Lagos, see what he got later!

A Nigerian mum has taken to Facebook to recount her bitter exchange with a man who she says assaulted her on Sunday, all because she parked right in front of him.

According to the lady identified as Adesola Ruby Akinyanmi, she slapped the man 4 times for pouring her food on her, even after she opted to have the workers in the restaurant she went to, re-park her car.

Here’s what the Nigerian mum wrote;

This happened to me on Sunday afternoon

I went to a restaurant to have lunch after church with Ayomikun. Barely 10minutes of settling down to eat, the security came to call me that I needed to re-pack because the man I blocked was ready to go. I gladly offered my car key for them to move my car. They declined saying they’re not allowed to drive customer’s car. The next minute the man I was blocking came into the restaurant and asked “who the fuck was blocking him”?

Before I could look up to utter a word, he snatched my car key from the tray. He then started screaming fuck words. The next minute he came back and poured my food on me!!!.

I was shocked and blank for about 30seconds before I snapped back to reality. Everyone in the restaurant went after him and he still had the gut to be raining curses and all.

Immediately I was out shock, I stepped out, and went to through the crowd to give him 3hot slaps. I went back into the restaurant this time, I was really shivering and crying bitterly obviously from shock. I went through the crowd again gave him the fourth hot slap. I then tore his cloth.

I held him and the fighter in me came out. I screamed and rained curses on him for being such an animal. I also prayed in my loud voice that day, that God will replace him with a good man for his wife!!!

It was an unimaginable scene!!! The one that won’t even happen in Nollywood.

I decided to sit back and take my time. I called on my friend Shakie who lives around that area. Trust Nigerians to beg and beg on his behalf.

We later left the scene and went home. By the way, I live in that area as well.

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