Wednesday, 21 February 2018

10 Quick Facts About Popular American evangelist Billy Graham who died at age 99

Compiled by Prince Imerhion

Evangelist Billy Graham, transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counsellor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, died on Wednesday. He was 99.

Below are 10 Quick fact about the world renowned evangelist:

1. Billy Graham was born on November 7, 1918, he became an American evangelical Christian evangelist and an ordained Southern Baptist minister, who became well known internationally after 1949.

2. He held large indoor and outdoor rallies with sermons which were broadcast on radio and television, some still being re-broadcast into the 21st century. In his six decades of television ministry, Graham hosted annually his 'Billy Graham Crusades', which ran from 1947 until his retirement in 2005.

3. Graham hosted the popular radio show Hour of Decision from 1950 to 1954. He repudiated segregation and, in addition to his religious aims, helped shape the worldview of a huge number of people coming from different backgrounds leading them to find a relationship between the Bible and contemporary secular viewpoints.

4. He preached to live audiences of nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories through various meetings, including BMS World Mission and Global Mission. He also reached hundreds of millions more through television, video, film, and webcasts.

5. Graham was a spiritual adviser to American presidents and provided spiritual counsel for every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama.

6. He insisted on racial integration for his revivals and crusades in 1953 and invited Martin Luther King Jr. to preach jointly at a revival in New York City in 1957.

7. According to his staff, more than 3.2 million people have responded to the invitation at Billy Graham Crusades to "accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior"

8. As of 2008, Graham's estimated lifetime audience, including radio and television broadcasts, topped 2.2 billion.

9. Graham was repeatedly on Gallup's list of most admired men and women. He appeared on the list 60 times since 1955, more than any other individual in the world.

10. Lastly Billy Graham got married to Ruth Graham in 1943, she died in 2007, blessed with 5 children.

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