Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Selena Gomez's Family Reject Justin Bieber, says he has caused so much distress

American singer, Selena's family not happy about her and Justin Bieber being together at all."

According to the insider, her family is worried about the singer, who revealed in September that she'd had a secret kidney transplant over the summer, and her notorious ex, whom she's been on and off with for years since 2010.

"They do not think he is a good person for Selena to have in her life and are skeptical that he has changed. Even if he is on his best behavior for now, eventually he will unravel. He has caused so much angst for the family and for Selena," added the source. "They are very sad that she is choosing this route. They want to protect her as much as they can, but it is causing them a great deal of stress and pain to watch her give him another chance."

Despite her family's concerns, Selena's definitely appears to be giving Bieber another go. The two were spotted kissing days after her split with The Weeknd in October. They've been photographed on several outings during the past month and last weekend jetting off on a private jet for a romantic trip to Seattle.

But don't think that these two will be hanging out with the fam on Christmas. While Biebs is a big fan of baby Jesus' birthday (check out his recently gift-wrapped G-Wagon), the Canadian won't be celebrating the festive holiday with his lady love or her mother, who just penned an emotional tribute to the baby she miscarried, this year because he isn't invited to Selena's.

The insider said, "They made it very clear to her that he is not invited for the holidays."

Perhaps the fam should have JB over and just give him a lump of coal?

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