Thursday, 7 December 2017

American singer, Chester Bennington hog tied himself, jumped into swimming pool in drunken suicide

The Linkin Park frontman was able to break free from the hog ties and survived

Chester Bennington got drunk, hog tied himself and jumped into his swimming pool in a failed suicide attempt nine months before he died, it has been claimed.

The suicide attempt was redacted from the Los Angeles County Coroner's report into the Linkin Park singer's death at the request of Bennington's wife Talinda, according to TMZ.

It happened at the home he was living in nine months before his July suicide. It was not the same home where he died.

At the time, Bennington, who struggled with alcohol addiction before his death, was 'extremely drunk'.

He bound his legs and feet then hurled himself into the pool but once in the water, he changed his mind and broke free.

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