Thursday, 9 November 2017

PSquare’s N320m Squareville mansion for sale, but see reasons why Peter won’t share from the money

The PSquare brothers have finally decided to sell all their joint properties they both own together, and perhaps split the money, so they can finally go there separate ways with no strings attached.

According to LIB, The Brothers have put their ‘Squareville’ mansion up for sale, located on Lola Holloway street, Omole Estate. This morning a ‘For Sale’ sign-post was seen in front of the property and when a call was put through to the agent, they gathered that the twin building with a swimming pool, underground basement and other exotic features is up for sale at 320 Million Naira.

According to the source, the Sqaureville mansion belongs to just Paul and Jude Okoye, not Peter. This has been in effect since 2014. 

"That house belonged to Paul and Jude after they shared all their  properties in 2014. Peter doesn't know anything about it anymore," a source in the know said to us today. 

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