Friday, 3 November 2017

Popular Ghanaian broadcaster, KKD Boast about his Son being Gay

The son of a popular Ghanaian broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD), this week opened about his sexuality. 

In an interview with a UK digital magazine,, his son, Darkwah Kyei Darkwah talked about his struggle to come out as a gay man, and how growing up was difficult for him.

Following the frenzy caused by some sections of the public regarding the matter, KKD has penned an open letter to all where he stands firmly by his son. The broadcaster in a post shared by journalist, Aku Baneseh on Facebook, said he loved his son no matter what, and that no one had the right to judge him for his choices.

 According to him, he has done his everything he can to raise his children to be the best version of themselves and his son’s sexuality does not take away his love for him. He asked all to step back and ponder about their lives, and why they should judge someone else for the choices in their lives.

He noted some prominent global personalities, such as Oscar Wilde, Ellen DeGeneres, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper among others, whose achievements in life are not diminished by their sexuality.

“My son Darkwah is a gentle, creative, confident, erudite and hard-working 23 year-old who has studied Fashion Design and worked as Sales Executive for Harrods and Givenchy, Sales Executive then Stylist - Luxury Accessories for Tom Ford, Account Executive for Haddon PR and is now Fashion Editor for the Gay Times, arguably the world's biggest magazine in its genre. 

And yes I love him, I admonish him, I scold him and I celebrate him as a loving father.

Whats your difference? Whats your talent? What's your sin? As you ponder whether to accept and share yours in spirit and truth with the world, take a moment to ask yourself if those people and things you aim your wrath and persecution at are the cause of the state you are in. 

Also ask your parents, and your children, if they would treat you the way you treat others in the event that your sexuality were any different. It warms my heart to see that my dearly beloved son has the courage and clarity of mind to speak up for himself, as everyone should to enable all live without narrow-mindedness, prejudice, fear and hate. If each one would spend time doing something that brings them closer to realising their goals, purpose and happiness whilst respecting the existence of others and safeguarding the environment and public purse, we would all be better for it,” KKD wrote. 

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