Thursday, 2 November 2017

"Nobody is forced to pay Tithe"- Emmanuel Ikubese Blasts OAP Freeze, says he's tired of him talking rudely to pastors

Surely OAP Freeze will reply this one as he's widely known for his strong views on tithing – and his #FreeTheSheeple movement.

Former Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese has come out to attack popular OAP Freeze on his views about tithe and offerings in Nigerian churches.

The actor added that he's tired "enough of his sermons".

He posted three videos telling Freeze that everyone is tired of his sermons and no pastor really has his time.

He went on to state that there were benefits to paying tithes not just for the church, but for the members themselves. He wrote:

Please sir why do you choose to focus only on NEGATIVITY… OKAY we have heard you…let us make our choice.. No one is forcing us to pay TITHES AND OFFERINGS… Thank you sir and God bless you..

Watch the videos below:

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