Friday, 17 November 2017

'No survivors' as helicopter 'carrying two people' and light aircraft collide in mid-air over Buckinghamshire estate | Photo

The two people in the helicopter are feared dead, as well as the pilot of the plane

Three people are feared dead after a light aircraft and a helicopter crashed in mid-air over Buckinghamshire this afternoon.

Wreckage from both aircraft fell from the sky after locals living near the historic Waddesdon estate heard a loud bang shortly after midday.

The pilot of the helicopter and its single passenger, as well as the pilot of the plane, are all feared to have died in the crash, which happened at around 1,000ft.

Pictures from the scene show splinters of metal from the helicopter littering the floor of the woodland along with parts of rotor-blades and fragments of the cockpit.

A local resident told MailOnline: 'My father heard a loud bang. My mother said a man, who I think was someone who had been out walking nearby, then went running up to the manor to say there had been a crash.

'My father ran up to the scene. It was clear pretty quickly that no one has survived. Everyone is now helping the emergency services.'

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