Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Nigerian Mother accuses 'Louis Ville Girls' Secondary School' Abuja of Negligence, says they allowed her daughter to die

A female student has died after falling ill weeks after gaining admission into a boarding school in Abuja.

9-year-old, Kamzie who resumed as a J.S.S. 1 student at Louis Ville Girls' Secondary School Gwagwalada, Abuja in September. By October 2nd, she was severely sick but, according to her mother, was neglected by staff and school authorities who thought she was pretending. Her situation got worse and she visited the school's clinic again where she was given paracetamol and sent back to the hostel on October 7.

When she only got worse on October 9th, a test was conducted and it came out negative but the school nurse went ahead to give her antimalarial drugs. On October 10th, Kamzie's elder sister who is also a student at the school saw her sister looking worse for wear and noticed that her eyes couldn't close. Kamzie was also crying and when her sister asked her why, she gave no definite response. That same day, after everyone had left the dining hall, she was there alone and, in her weak state, she lay on a table and defecated on herself.

By this time, she couldn't walk anymore without assistance and she was taken to a hospital outside the school. By noon, the girl's parents were called and when her father arrived at the hospital, he saw his daughter was dead.

The report of the autopsy carried out on her body shows that she had cerebral malaria and edema as a result of delayed treatment, dehydration, and no food found in her stomach. Her parents are now blaming the school for neglect and are calling for justice.

Read the entire story as told by her mother below.

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