Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Nigerian Lady defends alleged rapist, admires his pen!s on social media | Photos

Photos of a man who disguised as a woman to work in the factory hit social media after he was caught and paraded.

Now a graphic photo of the man’s penis also surfaced on internet…but with a fake story about him being a maid that raped 4 girls living with a woman he was working for.

What however pulled people’s attention to the story was the shocking tweets by another woman, @FirstladyIbiene on twitter, who claims to be in the Nigerian Armed Forces.

She reacted by admiring the alleged rapist’s penis, defending him by also stating that the ‘small girls’ raped were probably enjoying the sexual intercourse and didn’t report to their parents. This she did without knowing thy story wasn’t even true!

See her shocking tweets below.

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