Thursday, 9 November 2017

London based Model, Bashir Aziz Loves his Vitiligo skin, says he's Living his Best Life | WATCH

Bashir Aziz once covered his whole body out of shame but now he's rising above hate comments and living his best life.

Some people said he looked like a zebra, others said he had spots and patterns like a cow, and it got to him. He didn’t go out without covering his whole body, using a hat to cover his hair because of his condition – Vitiligo.

One day, someone told him he could be a model, he didn’t believe until he started getting similar comments from different persons.

Today, he models regularly and is happy with his life.

“The man in the mirror is much more happier, positive, sexier than he was five years ago. When you start accepting the things that may seem like imperfections, they turn out to be perfect in the end,” he says.


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