Sunday, 26 November 2017

Couple crash car while having sex with newborn baby in the backseat

American man, Michael G Tonkin, 23, crashed his car into a tree in Washington on Wednesday, and was found completely naked by cops afterwards alongside his accomplice, 23-year-old Daisy L Laroque, who was also naked.

The police were shocked to discover Laroque's three-month-old baby was in the car whilst the pair were having sex. Fortunately, the chid was not injured in the crash. State Patrol Spokeswoman Brooke Bova said Tonkin was driving whilst drunk, and collided with the tree after 23-year-old Laroque climbed on top of him whilst he was driving.

Shocked witnesses said they saw the pair emerge fully naked from the car following the collision. The police arrived as the pair were hurrying to put their clothes on.

Tonkin, who has three previous DUI arrests, was taken to the Pierce County Jail and now faces charges including child endangerment. It is not known whether Laroque will face similar charges. She was taken to hospital after the accident for a broken pelvis and shortness of breath.

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