Friday, 27 October 2017

See Couple's 11-year Old Poem Book That Has Improved Their Marriage

An unidentified couple shared their 11-year Old Poem Book, read statement below:
The book in the pictures below may be an old, ragged, rat-eaten book. However, to me it's a priceless memorabilia of the love that exists between my wife and I. We decided to write poems to each other in this book and as you can see, the first one ever was written on the 16th of August, 2006.

The power of memories must never be underestimated in a relationship or marriage.

Make sure you have something that triggers the feelings of love and gratitude afresh. Go out on a special date and take pictures. Record a song together and save it on your phone. Take a funny, silly selfie together at the restaurant. Do a mock interview of your loved one using your phone as video recorder and a rolled-up magazine as microphone; ask him/her questions like 'Sir, we will like to know, why do you love your wife so much?' smiley

Play video games together, if that interests you. My wife and I have this car racing game called City Racing 3D on our tablets, that allows two people to compete against each other using WiFi. We take it serious and emotions can even get intense when one person loses to the other too often! cheesy Also, if your wife is ticklish, tickle her sometimes! Have fun, be fun, be childish! You can 'form' serious for every other person, but not your spouse please.

There are many other great ideas on how you can create awesome memories with each other. Just do something the other person will appreciate and try to record the experience whenever you can i.e videos, pictures, letters, poems, voice messages, songs, vacation receipts etc. I still have videos from six years ago and letters from ten years ago. Take time to go through them together once in a while; it will help you to appreciate how far God has brought you and how much you have grown- together. I believe that will boost the fire in your marriage/relationship. God bless!

See book below:

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