Friday, 6 October 2017

Popular Naija Resturant @BukkaHut now opens in MMA 2, Ikeja


What’s like to catch up a flight on time? 

A typical Lagosian would let go of all things to make sure he arrives at the airport on time. And it’s not a new thing to even hold your hunger and bid your spouse or friends hungry-filled good bye as you race to not be held up in traffic.

And the sad thing is when there is flight delay, I usually look up to the sky and pray God takes me away and returns me back. That has never happened sha.

Early Tuesday morning on Oct 3rd, as the sun gradually rose shining across Lagos, men and women scrammed through congested road heading to their different destinations. This day after a super restful independence holiday, people heading their usual ways would least expect the extra flavour that eventually garnished their day.

The surprise was filled in a large room of a building, this room walled with white tiles, separated by sinks and equipped with varieties of utensils, had some gowned women stirring and turning, sending waves of irresistible aroma.

Outside the building, passersby had different thoughts and mind you these were mostly passengers either hurriedly rushing to check in their flights or some biting their fingers because of a compulsory delay or some sauntering out of the terminal as they wait for their loved ones to come pick them.

For those who were familiar with exterior aesthetic of this ‘suspecting’ building which is same in Lekki Phase 1, Ikoyi, Gbagada and Ikota knew what’s up, many other anticipating eyes had different thoughts.

A 21st century architectural design of a Nigerian ancient mud house roofed with raffia palms is a beauty that can’t be ignored. In fewer hours, savouring aroma from the large room began to escape freely diffusing into the big air, for sure, it was apparent a blessing just arrived the city of Ikeja.

“Mama just came closer to us!” Was the feeling we got.

By 10am, the covering was unveiled and the wall reads Bukka Hut. What a day to be alive!

The interior just like the exterior displays Africa’s true beauty in a welcoming, comfortable and hygienic atmosphere. Nicely arranged in a transparent catering shield are irresistible goodness. It’s unarguable the effort in selection and processes that have gone through the food- every meal was carefully cooked to delight the mind.

A normal Tuesday became a merry day. To the surprise of our first customers, our meals are less pricey and flexible. Like a typical bukka, you hail your order and you get your favourite combination as you want it.

Indeed Bukka Hut is bukka redefined with non-negotiable standard you cannot get anywhere and only our customers can tell.

The newly opened branch at the Murtala Mohammed Airport 2, Ikeja is the 5th Bukka Hut outlet in Lagos. This outlet serves Ikeja axis. Home and office delivery is available and of course walk in and a great reception awaits you.
For more information about Bukka Hut, please visit or follow via social media @BukkaHut.

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