Sunday, 1 October 2017

Former American football star, OJ Simpson has been released from prison after nine years in a Nevada jail.

Simpson had been serving time for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and 10 other charges over an attack at a Las Vegas hotel in 2001.

He left prison shortly after midnight local time and was picked up by a friend, Nevada Department of Corrections Spokeswoman Brooke Keast said.

Simpson’s release comes just three months after he was approved for early parole after a board hearing.

In a Facebook post, Nevada Department of Corrections released an image and video of Simpson signing documents and leaving Lovelock Correctional Centre early on Sunday. The 70-year-old will be facing restrictions – including up to five years parole supervision.

Nicknamed the Juice, Simpson’s spectacular fall began after he was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goodman, in 1995.

The former actor and media personality then bagged a maximum 33-year prison sentence in 2008 after storming a Las Vegas hotel room with five others in an effort to seize items from two sports memorabilia dealers.

Though he claimed the belongings – said to be images of his family and friends – were later handed over to him by officials after they were legally deemed to belong to him.

Despite the 1995 not-guilty verdict, a civil court jury held Simpson liable for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman, awarding $33.5m (£25m) to their families.

And a lawyer representing Ron Goldman’s family said this amount had nearly doubled with interest under Californian state law, and that the family would continue to seek payment from Simpson after his release.

Simpson has expressed his desire to move to Florida after leaving jail where he intends to lead a quiet life.

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