Thursday, 12 October 2017

Alleged last moments of DJ Olu and Chime Before their death | WATCH

Footage shows DJ Olu and other unidentified friends partying on the night he died. In the video, DJ Olu is seen throwing money to some fans while driving away from an unknown location. 

It also shows him with friends in a club and later one of his friends shows several cartons of cash reportedly belonging to DJ Olu.

Unconfirmed rumours indicate that DJ Olu may have been killed as a result of the money seen with him and the dr*gs reportedly found on him planted to throw off police and others about the real cause of his death. However, this theory cannot be proven in any form at this point. Also, the family of Chime recently granted an interview saying their son does not drink nor use narcotics therefore, his death could not have come as a result of these substances.

Source: Naij

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