Saturday, 2 September 2017

REVEALED: Lady who 'hugged and kissed Wayne Rooney' is on sugar daddy website searching for a man to give her £6,000-a-month

She signed up for the site where women can meet cash-rich older men and demands a 'substantial' lifestyle

The brunette who spent the night with Wayne Rooney before his drink-drive arrest is a member of a 'sugar daddy' website searching for a £6,000-a-month man to 'financially dominate',

Single mother Laura Simpson 29, describes herself as 'a bit of a doll' with 'plenty of time for fun' on Seeking Arrangement and revealed to us she 'would have sh****d' the footballer had police not pulled them over.

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She claimed: 'I was up for it and so was he until he got arrested for drink driving. It spoiled the night.'

That night ended with the footballer being pulled over in her VW Beetle in the early hours of Friday morning before being arrested on suspicion of drink driving while taking the office worker home.

Source: MailOnline

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