Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Peace Hyde gets new Appointment with Forbes Africa, and she's proud of herself

Media personality and business journalist, Peace Hyde has been appointed as the Head of Digital Media and Strategic Partnerships for Forbes Africa.

The Ghananian diva, who is currently the West Africa correspondent for the business publication, will be heading the recently launched platform.

Following the appointment, Hyde shared this inspiring note to herself on her Instagram:

Dear Self,

I know you struggle sometimes but in case I don’t tell you enough, I’m PROUD OF YOU. Thank you for being so strong and transparent, people see your heart even when you feel like it is invisible. Thank you for never being afraid to DREAM and trust GOD’S PROCESS in your life. You are always trying to be the best YOU can be, and although you get discouraged at times you TRUST God has your back and will not allow you to FAIL. I appreciate your heart and your stubbornness. Your WILLINGNESS to love and stay TRUE to who you are and what you believe in is admirable. You are not afraid to shed tears of SORROW, then wipe them away and push yourself BEYOND LIMITS you can see. I’m so proud to know that you’ve GROWN to acknowledge your WORTH and continue to give God ALL the GLORY in all you do. He has prepared your NEXT chapter for you… GET READY!

On the appointment, Hyde said:

The publishing game has changed dramatically in recent years. Forbes Africa has always had a passion for celebrating the people changing Africa and our new digital platform is in line with reaching that goal. The biggest trigger for the change we are experiencing is the imminent shift to digital.

Companies like Forbes Africa who have already began investing in this direction as well as creating engaging content will have a competitive advantage and we are excited that this new medium will create a paradigm shift in the way our loyal readers consume content.

The managing editor, Chris Bishop is the visionary behind the immensely successful brand that we all love today. In just 6 years, Chris has managed to create a platform that is not only aspirational but also highlights the success stories from the continent whiles still maintaining the glitz and glamour of the prestigious Forbes brand.

Through his guidance, the new digital platform will have the same strict editorial standard but now we are widening our scope across the African region to pull in more stories that impact the continent as well as exciting content.

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