Wednesday, 27 September 2017

OAU Postgraduate Students Protest ‘ridiculous’ Charges

Post Graduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University staged a protest at the school today to express anger over what they termed ‘ridiculous’ charges by the school administration.

The protest occurred after a meeting between the Management of the Obafemi Awolowo University and its and students’ committee, which one of the protesting students described as futile because it produced no meaingful resolution.

The protest by the students took the form of a march to the University Senate where they made their grievances known. A source in the meeting, which held yesterday, revealed that the provost, who was already angered by a publication released by the students on Daily Post, insisted that as long as he is the provost, the students will continue to pay until the University Senate sit on their Form A, E, F and Abstract.

The students that spoke to Olisa Blogazine insist the Postgraduate School has been a ‘fleecing machine’ because they are made to continue paying school fees after their Oral Examination. A PG student said the OAU management is costing them thousands of naira through ‘forms that snail through the departmental level; wobble through the faculty; fidget to PG school, and eventually crawl to the table of professors who constitute the business committee of the university”.

Another student, a committee member, said, “Most people are scared of OAU master’s program because of the bottleneck and these ridiculous charges. Most students still have to wait after their Oral Exam to ‘follow their forms through various stages, which sadly may take several months and up to a year. And they will have to continue to pay for bench fees, library fees, tuition fees, notwithstanding the fact that they had done their oral exam.”

Some of the placards the students carried during their protests read: ‘Forms A-Z can be processed online in the 21st Century’; ‘P G School, not a money-making machine’; ‘OAU Should Stop Academic Fraud’.

The protest, however, ended with the arrival of Dean of Students’ Affair who assured the embittered students that their grievances shall be looked into this week.

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