Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lady exposes sister’s husband and his side chick on social media | Photos

A lady identified as Olatayo Gold has taken to Facebook to expose her sister’s husband and his alleged lover who she identified as Mariam Bello.

According to Olatayo Gold, her sister’s husband sold his car to satisfy Bello. However, she pointed out that Bello claimed she would continue the affair with her brother-in-law despite knowing that he was married.

Meanwhile, Gold maintained that her brother-in-law’s actions were abnormal. She called the lady a home destroyer pointing out that her deeds were not ordinary.

She wrote: “I don’t know why some girls are stupid and shameless, This unfortunate home destroyer despite you knowing that he has a kid and wife, you still have the guts to be telling his wife that there’s nothing she can do…lemme tell you, u will never enjoy the rest of ur life coz for him to even sell his car bcoz of you, I know it’s not ordinary, but I know one thing for sure that it can never last and it will surely bounce back on you the useless woman called MARIAM BELLO your a disgrace to your family and a source of sorrow.”

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