Friday, 15 September 2017

'I feared the whole train would blow up' - Man whose hair was burned in tube explosion says

Mr Crowley, who was travelling on District Line, said people fled train with burns

Terrified passengers caught up in today's bucket bomb tube blast described the terrifying stampede after they feared a 'whole train would blow up'.

Peter Crowley, who was travelling on the District Line this morning, said his head has been 'charred' after a fireball engulfed his train at Parsons Green in west London.

Emma Stevie, 27, was on the train when the explosion happened at Parsons Green, in south-west London, and was caught in a 'stampede' and crush on the station steps.

Ms Stevie said people - including children and a pregnant woman - were crushed as they lay on the floor while commuters tried to flee.

Other commuters at the scene said they were 'thrown around' by panicked crowds shouting 'there's a man, there's a man' before running from the area.

Source: Dailymail

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