Saturday, 2 September 2017 brings to you '5 Lessons Couples could learn from Super Eagles victory over Indomitable Lions of Cameroon'

By Prince Imerhion:

Nigeria’s Super Eagles thrashed the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon 4-0 in Group B of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Uyo on Friday. The Nigerian team was formidable and also shocked fans with their world class display.

But all these won’t have been possible if they never had a game plan. Apparently, they needed a comfortable win to guarantee their qualification to the world cup. brings to you 5 Lessons couples could learn from the Super Eagles Victory

Obey your Superior: God almighty is our superior, he is the master planner, he understands the formation of life situations and with his tactics, you can jump every hurdle, withstand any storm and prevail in life. Apparently, the Super Eagles won’t have excelled without a game plan from their superior ‘Rohr’ who is the head coach; they obeyed every instruction and achieved results.

Control like a Captain: Every home has a breadwinner; he controls every department of the family. A true father has a mutual understanding with every member of the family; he takes details and critical decisions. Mikel Obi is the captain of the super eagles, he took control of the game, and his passes changed the pace of the match. He knew when and who to pass the ball to, all these tactics disorganized the Cameroonians.

A Supportive Partner: A wife is the second in command in every family. She also determines the success of the family. She knows when to control, she is humble, always diligent and also abides by principles from the superior ‘The almighty God’ and she also needs to be hard working to support the inflow of cash in the family. Onazi’s case wasn’t exceptional as he is the vice-captain of the Super Eagles, he has a strong connection with Mikel Obi in midfield, they knew when to square play, and the same bond spurred the super eagles to AFCON 2013 victory. In today’s game, Mikel passed his captain band to Onazi when he was substituted, also shows how you can leave the affairs of the family to your beloved wife when you travel.

Always send a Moses: A family needs that one person that knows where to get things needed in the house, and he must be fast. In a case where you have little children, there should be a time when you teach the eldest to run errands. Give them responsibilities; they also need to understand what to do at every given time. Victor Moses was instrumental in the Super Eagles victory, at every giving time, he builds up the attack, connects with Moses Simon and Odion Ighalo up front. Any time the captain ‘Mikel Obi’ drops a long ball; he turns it to a goal advantage. There is a Moses in every family, spot the Moses and teach him or her to lead.

Save like a Keeper: In every phase of life there is a time you have to fall back on something, always save funds for hard times, don’t spend everything. Couples should adopt this attitude of reservation. Know what to buy, when to buy. The Super Eagles goalkeeper ‘Ezenwa’ had this rudiment, even after the Super Eagles were soaring with 4 goals, he was conscious on goal till the final Whistle.

What do you think about these lessons?

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