Sunday, 3 September 2017

Comic actor, Charles Okocha Speaks on Fame, says social media has really helped his Career

Nollywood Actor, Charles Okocha popularly known as Igwe 2pac has revealed how Social media aids his promotions, says  he is not desperate for fame.

Despite the fact that he came under major criticism over his videos on social media with many saying he shares them just to look for cheap fame.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, the AMO SHINE crooner made it known he is not desperate for fame.

He said

“Putting ‘Shove it up your a**e’ on all my Instagram posts is a way of promoting the song even before it drops, and that’s what people know me for. I don’t agree that it is boring. If it is boring, people wouldn’t be begging me to post their videos on my page with the hashtag. My fans love what I’m doing, so I cannot stop it. For the people who say that I’m desperate for attention; social media has been of such great help to this generation. People use it for different things but I decide to use it to promote my music and movie career. However, I’ve already been known before the advent of Instagram, so what attention am I seeking for? Whatever I do on my page is nobody’s business, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to visit the page.”

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