Saturday, 2 September 2017

Coleen Rooney is furious about husband's affair with Laura Simpson, see what she did

Humiliated Coleen Rooney rang 'party girl' Laura Simpson to demand a detailed explanation of boozy night

Furious Coleen Rooney phoned the party girl at the centre of her husband Wayne's drink-drive arrest shame as she demanded: 'Tell me the truth'.

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Pregnant Coleen, 31, struck up a tense chat with mother-of-one party girl Laura Simpson after flying home from Mallorca, Spain.

She hit out the 29-year-old who was with her husband when he was arrested for drink driving while behind the wheel of her Volkswagen Beetle.

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'She asked me to tell her what happened. She seemed unhappy with the fact that we had left a nightclub in  a cab together to go to my car,' Ms Simpson told The Sun on Sunday.

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