Wednesday, 13 September 2017

18-Year-Old Nigerian PHD student to Inspire Youths Across Nigeria | Photos

Nkechi Chidi-Ogbolu is a young Nigerian girl who graduated from Howard University and is set to begin her PhD programme at the University of California.

Together with ICT giant MTN Nigeria, Nkechi aims to empower and inspire young Nigerian scholars to explore their potentials and embrace greatness in a world designed to limit dreams and aspirations.

The company, which purchased 750 copies of her book for distribution across public primary and secondary schools in Lagos State is doing so in a bid to help other young ones like Nkechi recognise and build on their potential.

Through her now published book, Tales of an Uber Minor in College, she humorously documents her 4-year sojourn as a young, barely-teen undergraduate in College, and ultimately reveals her secret to success as her strong support system which includes her family, mentors and friends.

Now my momma can be all up in your business and you cannot always trust her to do that calmly. But I talk to her about anything and everything.” – Tales of an Uber Minor in College pg.38

Occasionally, I dozed off when I was unlucky to find myself in a boring class. My strength has always been remembering what I hear in class and so missing class or not hearing information when I am in class is a huge deal.”- Tales of an Uber Minor in College pg.24

Ultimately, Nkechi’s book shows that she is very much a normal, typical teenage girl and through her story, it is easy to relate to her, her resolve and dedication to achieve greatness. She is living proof that even ordinary people can achieve extraordinary and exceptional things.

Source - Bellanaija

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